Herb Omelette with goat cheese and shaved Parmesan

1.) Using a blender or hand held immersion blender to mix the eggs along with a dash of milk or water until smooth

2.) Heat the Fissler Omelette Pan with a little oil or butter

3.) Add some dried herbs to the egg mixture- slowly pour egg mixture in your hot omelet pan- move the pan around until the egg mixture is evenly distributed in the pan.

4.) Sprinkle some dried herbs on top of the egg, season with salt and fresh pepper to taste. Once the egg mixture seems to settle, carefully lift the edges with a rubber spatula and let the soft egg run under.

5.) After a few minutes you will notice that the egg is almost set-  put some fresh goat cheese along the middle of your omelet. Turn off your heat and fold both sides of the omelet towards the middle- you end up with folded omelet. Shave some cheese on top using the Fissler Magic Cheese Slicer and serve.

Don’t cook your omelet until it is very dry- the key is to fold it when it is not fully cooked. It will keep cooking when folded. Leave it a few moments longer in your pan before you serve it. You will have a soft, moist & delicious omelette that is not dry.


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